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Energy Sector

PETROLSEC experts have been providing comprehensive security solutions adapted to the Oil & Gas industry, both onshore and offshore worldwide.

We have practical expertise and experience providing:

- Offshore security solutions for production platforms, survey and drilling projects, FPSOs, subsea, FLNGs and offshore pipelines.

- Security for onshore sites including oil & gas fields, production and processing plants, LNG, tanks farms and pipelines.

- Security dispositions to downstream assets including LNG & CNG plants, refineries, power plants and the chemical industry.

Maritime, Costal & EEZ 

PETROLSEC has unique experience in maritime security, including:

Protection of seaports and oil ports, Security for cargo and tankers fleets, Comprehensive security solutions for oil & gas platforms, FPSOs and defense dispositions for waterside critical assets. 

We also support shipyards and marine designer firms in implementing ISPS code and in selecting other security systems requested by their customers

Critical Assets & Essential Services

PETROLSEC has been providing security solutions and upgrades to critical assets and essential service facilities, including power stations, electricity, water plants, sea and air ports, transmission networks and all type of sites and buildings critical to the organization or state.

Renewable Energy

PETROLSEC experts has been providing security solutions for the renewable and alternative energy industry, including those involved in hydroelectric, power, wind power, and solar PV power generation.


PETROLSEC experts has been providing unique security solutions for the aquaculture industry and fish farming as well as for the fishery industry. 

Head Office:

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Herzeliya Pituach 4672530, Israel

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