What We Do





PETROLSEC Security Experts has been providing comprehensive security solutions for over 40 years, including solutions to some of the world’s most acute security challenges

We offer a wide range of services providing solutions for protecting critical assets from both crime and terrorist threats in compliance with  industry and Government standards and regulations.

Our professional teams have been developing security solutions by integrating state-of-the-art technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers with per-mission training for security units.


In order to ensure that all elements work properly during both routine operations and emergency situations, PETROLSEC equips the security lineup with an "Operational Security Database" (OSD). The OSD includes protocols to be followed for safe, secure and legal operations. This includes security procedures, standing orders, operational manuals and a security doctrine to guide security operations so as to achieve the best outcome in each scenario. 

Our approach, after conducting a thorough assessment is to provide unique, cost-effective security solutions to improve the security of your staff and your assets.

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