We Have the Know-How You Need

Turn Key Security Projects

​PETROLSEC, together with our security technology partners offers turn-key security solutions from the design of the security concept up to and including professional operational security deployment.

Whether the request is for development of a full project or for improvement of an already existing security deployment, we have the expertise and experience to provide solutions on time and within budget. 

 Differently from technology companies that offer a specific product(s), we support our clients with full-scale, integrated, comprehensive solutions. This unique capability provides clients with integration of:


  • Security systems: Integration of State-of-the-Art security systems that meet industry standards for onshore and offshore sites.

  • Preparation of security personnel: Professional qualification and training of security personnel for security tasks at all levels.

  • Operational Security Database (OSD): Provision of a complete Operational Security database include all protocols for safe, secure and legal operations. The OSD includes security procedures, standing orders, operational manuals and a security doctrine that guides security personnel in order to achieve the best protection in each scenario.

Security Consulting

​PETROLSEC experts provide ongoing or engagement-based professional security consulting for governments and the private sector.

No matter what your security issue may be, we provide security consulting and guidelines for new projects, expansion of existing projects and day-to-day security operations.

Our permanent security advising plan includes per subject immediate responses as well as periodic meetings to address security issues that provide professional options and solutions.

Security Engineering (Onshore & Offshore)

​​Petrolsec experts support projects designers, prime contractors, construction companies, EPC and shipyards with Security Engineering Services from initial design phase through to final operational handover on final location.  

Our team is capable to support your project team from concept and design thru development and commissioning of the security section of a project.

Add-On our team to yours and you will obtain extra power. 


A typical project team usually is formed by:

  • Engineers

  • Security Systems Manager

  • Security Operational Experts

  • Specific security systems experts


Security Risk Assessment 

Risk management is a fundamental and obligatory approach for the management of any organization. In order to ensure that the Risk Management Plan (RMP) is correct it is essential to perform a Professional Security Risk Analysis and Security Risk Assessment.

PETROLSEC's professional team of security experts and process engineers perform the vulnerability analysis. The security risk analysis and assessment might be for a specific country, region or site. and it is essential for operational sites as well as for new projects.

Security Survey – Verifying Site Readiness

​The purpose of an objective security survey is to provide management with a study that determines if existing security measures and planning are suitable to counter potential risks. The survey evaluates security deployment by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria.

Additionally, our confirmation that security programs are adequate will not only assure executives, but will also provide protection against claims of inadequate security or negligence.

The survey includes detailed examination of all security aspects related to the site and the readiness of the security deployment. A thorough audit typically assesses the following:

  • Security systems and physical protection 

  • Security personnel (selection, training, performance, etc.)

  • Security documentation (Legal instructions, compliance with the company's Codes of Conduct, Procedures, Manuals, Standing orders, Engagement rules, safety orders)

    The benefits are two-fold:
     Management obtains a full report on the current state-of-affairs of the installation’s security.

  • The Security department obtains a detailed set of inputs and recommendations on how to improve security.

    Our services can be delivered as a stand-alone security survey for a specific site or as a permanent contract that establishes periodic surveys to enable management to observe trends in improvement of security over time.     

"On Site" Instruction & Mentoring

​​PETROLSEC's team of professional instructors can improve your security directly and instantly. In this unique service, a professional team deploys to the site and works together with your key security personnel sharing our extensive experience and identifying security weaknesses in order to resolve gaps and immediately improve the security level directly on the ground.

​From customer experience, this is one of the best ways to improve security and encourage security team managers and personnel to achieve their best performance. The results are quickly evident in daily operations on all levels.

Security Training

Foundation of a Special Marine and Land Security Unit to secure specific offshore or onshore production sites or clusters of energy installations. This package includes systems, equipment, specific training and an operational database. 

Among PETROLSECs Training programs:

  • Basic and advance training for security personnel.

  • Units commanders coaching.

  • Marine security units training (security divers, fast boats operators, marine command & control operators, medical and rescue training, intervention team ext.) 

  • Land security units training (desert patrol, Jungle patrol, all terrain security vehicles operators, intervention team ext.)

  • Aerial security units training: UAV and drone's operators training, helicopters rescue and intervention team training ext.)         

Personal Security of Staff & Executives

​Secure your employees and executives during their visits abroad. When your employees are abroad they are exposed to a different level of risk than when in their home country. This service includes destination country background briefings (information on local customs and practices, crime trends, risks and threats, areas and behaviors to avoid) as well as Emergency Manual.

With respect to workers’ compounds, guesthouses, apartments and offices, we guide you in securing your staff in a specific country. If so requested, we will send our experts to arrange the deployment on the ground in order to provide your staff with the best protection and guidelines to keep them safe.

For long-term operations abroad, we provide an Emergency Command & Control Center (ECCC) that includes security technology and training and procedures that take Staff Security Abroad to the highest level. We also provide a Country Evacuation Plan (CEP), a tool that every company operating abroad should have.

External Security Audit

​PETROLSEC provides professional External Security Audit services for governments and private organizations. An External Audit is common practice in any organization. What we are providing is the same commonly acknowledged service but focusing exclusively and professionally on the sensitive (and in some cases confidential) subject of SECURITY.


The external audit can be a constant service or  a limited to auditing the development of a new project or an expansion and upgrade of an existing project. 

We provide the service directly to the client or as professional support to external audit firms where the external audit is not limited to the review of financial statements.

The security audit performed by PETROLSEC goes beyond the review of financial statements. A complementary security audit is supported by our thorough knowledge of the specific industry and will enable the Board of Directors, management, shareholders and stakeholders to be informed of the company’s security position, as well as its operational and organizational structure in order to maintain better control and safekeeping of assets.

In an external audit of a specific project (new, expansion or upgrade) our team monitors all aspects of critical interest to the owner among them budget, timetable, quality, compliance with company regulations and codes of conduct, etc.

Elaboration of Security Literature

​PETROLSEC has been supporting companies and governments with professional elaborations of security literature including procedures, manuals and guide books.

In order to provide professional literature that meets the requirements of all installations, our team of security experts works with legal advisers, safety experts and production engineers.

This service might include a review of existing security literature or an elaboration of new documents as required.

In order to make the security literature even more useful, PETROLSEC provides this service in various languages in order to avoid the need of translation that might create gaps in understanding.

Red Team

​Our Red Team is an extraordinary talented group of people who challenge the security disposition of an installation by playing the role of adversary.

Our Red Team is able to test government and private organizations’ security and reaction plans, both on- and off-shore.  The goal of our Red Team is to help security deployment train in an environment that is as close to realty as possible.

Our extensive experience in running these special drills successfully and safely provides clients with a unique, current state-of-affairs assessment of the efficacy of their security: its policies and functioning of its chain of command.

Characterization of Security Systems 

​When you procure security systems or security services, our experts will support you. Our service supports Security Managers and Projects Managers enabling them to obtain professional and field-tested databases for bids or security improvement plans. After studying your needs with respect to a specific site and company, includeing Technical documents that can serve as technical requirements for potential bidders of high- and low-tech security systems and security equipment.